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  • FOP Lodge 15 Membership


    FOP LODGE 15

    FOP Lodge 15 offers a fully staffed office Monday through Friday for all your membership needs, with two attorneys in-house to handle your legal needs.  You can call us anytime at 636-757-3916, or via email jenn.hibbs@mofop15.org.

    Legal Aid

    The Legal Aid program affords members no-cost attorney representation for most job-related matters.  Access to Lodge attorneys 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without prior authorization or approval.  Not subject to minimum percentage (i.e. 70% of your department, as required by Laborers for qualification in the Legal Defense Fund).

    Legal aid coverage allows you to speak to an attorney before any action is taken by your department.  You know what to do BEFORE formal action has even been taken against you.  Peace of mind -- priceless.

    If you are involved in a shooting or other critical incident, our experienced Lodge attorneys are available to respond to your incident immediately, discuss the incident, and assist you in your interview and statement.

    Our attorneys know the players in your department, and are familiar with your co-workers and the attorneys you’ll be up against.

    In addition to traditional legal aid, Lodge 15 offers the opportunity for legal action against those making malicious or frivolous complaints or allegations. 

    Lodge members are encouraged to contact the office regarding any legal matter, not just issues that fall under Lodge 15 funded legal aid.  If appropriate, Greg Kloeppel will refer members to reputable attorneys specializing in the area of law the member requires.  Examples include: Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Divorce, Child Custody, etc.

    Lodge 15 also offers free simple will service.  Last Will & Testaments and Durable Powers of Attorney (for Health Care Directive) are provided at no cost to members.

    Collective Bargaining

    • Hands on Collective Bargaining training by police
    • Database of comparable communities and contracts of LEO only, not construction workers
    • Enforcing your contract
    • Discipline (Just Cause Discipline)
    • Grievance Process
    • Seniority
    • Hours
    • Wages
    • Working conditions
    • Longevity
    • Vacation
    • Eliminate bias and favoritism
    • Level the playing field

    Death Benefit

    The Missouri State FOP provides $10,000 - $30,000 in “Accidental” death benefits for both active and retired members; the Missouri State FOP also provides $20,000 - $40,000 in “Line-of-Duty” death/ dismemberment benefits for active members.  Additionally, Members of Lodge 15 receive Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits outlined here (click here).

    Additional Benefits:

    • Networking throughout the country with over 325,000 LEO members
    • Benefits, support and protections through State & National FOP
    • Access to website, legislative information, forums and other resources for LEOs
    • FOP University
    • All levels of organization governed by law enforcement, not mix of trades
    • Legislative updates keep members informed

                - State FOP & National FOP newsletters

    • Accessibility of all levels of FOP leadership
    • All levels of leadership relevant to your career, LEO only

    Membership Dues

    If your Department has an Association, Please contact your Association for Membership dues.

    For Departments without an Association, Lodge 15 dues are $60.00/month or $720/year; Retiree's dues are $6.25/month or $75/year.

    Methods for collecting Lodge 15 dues:

    FOP Lodge 15 dues are collected by:

    1. FOP Lodge 15 via automatic debit deduction from member’s personal checking/savings accounts, or 

    2. through the members' POA, generally via payroll deduction;

    3. or each member has the option of paying their dues annually by personal check on August 1 of each year (Annual dues are pro-rated when joining at any time of the year other than August). 


    Please click below for the Member Application and Dues Deduction form. They can be emailed to jenn.hibbs@mofop15.org.

    Member Application form

    Automatic Debit Form

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